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Mobile device


The future is now and it fits right in your pocket. Get the best deal on the latest mobile phones on the market.

Laptop or Notebook


Work on the go. Experience mobility and high performance. Turn any spot around the globe in your office.

Desktop Computer


Whether you're a CGI specialist, a music composer or a gamer, we've got you covered. Your dream workstation is here.

Gaming Equipment


Everything in the world of gaming. Find the newest gaming consoles and games, as well as all gaming accessories.

Hi-Fi Sound System


Everything an audiophile might want is here with us. Purchase with confidence. Top quality at the best prices. 

Household Appliances


All the electronic devices you and your customers need for their household are just one click away.

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ANASPA works directly with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers from all around the Globe. We are committed to offering serious partnerships to our clients, with a wide portfolio of the newest products on the market at very competitive terms.


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